Will my TDIU veteran benefits show up as the schedular rated veteran award?



Hi Jim I am presently 90% but I am retiring under disability. If I get awarded tdiu would this show the same as 100% on ebenefits for sake of PA benefits sake like property taxes?


Jim's Reply


The TDIU veteran is awarded exactly the same benefits as the schedular rated veteran. The 100% rating is 100% no matter the underlying details or base ratings. State property tax benefits as well as others like CHAMPVA are usually based on not only the 100% award but whether or not the award is permanent (no future exams) or temporary (future exams required). The temporary ratings aren't eligible for the enhanced ratings available to the 100% P & T veteran. Keep in mind that the TDIU benefit is reserved for veterans who are unable to maintain employment because of a service connected disabling condition. If your disability retirement is associated with a disabling condition you received at work and not associated with a service connected and previously rated condition, you may not be eligible for TDIU. I also like to remind veterans that TDIU is not a retirement benefit. If you're retiring on schedule and decide the TDIU benefit might be a good supplement to your income, you may be wasting your time.