Where to find Social Service Providers

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Here we post a partial listing of non-legal advocates and social service providers. These national networks offer good starting points to find the help you need.

State 211. 42 states have statewide 211 systems. These networks provide "one-stop shopping" for a wide range of social service needs, such as food supplements, heating assistance, children's health coverage, and more.
Contact: Call 211. Find listings for your state here.

State social services agencies.  These folks offer many basic programs for people with low incomes who need extra financial support.
Contact: Get the national listing here or use their interactive "Benefits finder" tool.

VA programs for homeless veterans.
Contact: Get national listing here. (posted by the VA as an Excel spreadsheet)

Help Networks for Women with Military Service
Contact: Get links here.

Legal help
Contact: Go to our find Legal Help map.


Updated January 2018