What does this VA letter for disability mean?


I just received a decision letter from the VA. Here are some of what the VA says" Based on the review and the evidence listed bellow, we have made the following decisions. The current medical evidence of record does not show improvement of your service connected conditions, therefore the need for future examinations have been removed" "Basic eligibility to Dependent Education Assistance is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total service-connected disability, permanent in nature" " The Purpose of this rating decision was to search for unnecessary routine for future examinations. After a review of your claim folder and all evidence, we have determined that no routine future examination is necessary, thus "Eligibility to Dependents' Educational Assistance under 38 U.S.C. Chapter 35 is warranted" It does not mentioned TDIU on the letter. By the reading the reasons for the rating/decision, does this mean the rating is for total and permanent and if that's the case can I still work full time? Your knowledgeable reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you Sir.


Jim's Reply:

The Department of Veterans Affairs has it's own unique language. Very little is ever stated in clear and understandable language so we have to learn "VASpeak" to become proficient in working with VA benefits.

Your letter, as written by a relatively normal human being rather than a VA employee says, "Hi there! We've had an opportunity to review your file and we found that your rated condition is stable. Based on that we are awarding you a 100% Scheduler rating that will take the place of your TDIU rating. There won't be any further exams and you can work if you are able to. /s/ Your VA"

Rather than saying you have a 100% permanent rating, VA likes to use a secret code, "Eligibility to Dependents' Educational Assistance under 38 U.S.C.  Chapter 35 is warranted" means Permanent and Total. Although your letter states it more clearly than most it's still an unclear jumble of words.

In the end, good news for you!