Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH)

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Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH)

Information on the Veterans Affairs Supported Housing program that helps homeless veterans find housing, pay rent, and get healthcare.
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Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (HUD-VASH) is a collaborative program between the VA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that helps homeless veterans find housing, pay rent, and obtain access to health care services. Under this program, eligible veterans may receive a voucher that can be used to pay the portion of their monthly rent.

Eligibility and Application

VA determines eligibility for the HUD-VASH. Veterans should request assistance by calling the VA Homeless Program at  (877) 424-3838. A HUD-VASH case manager will collect the Veteran’s personal information to determine whether he or she is eligible. Generally, to be eligible for support through the HUD-VASH program, veterans must be both:
  • VA health care eligible, and 
  • Homeless or chronically homeless.
Veterans enrolled in HUD-VASH receive case management services from a HUD-VASH case manager. These services assist veterans in obtaining and sustaining permanent housing. Participation in case management is a requirement to receive a HUD-VASH housing voucher.
If a Veteran is found eligible, a HUD-VASH case manager will help the Veteran to prepare a request for a housing voucher and will refer the Veteran for a voucher to the appropriate Public Housing Authority (PHA).

Obtaining housing

Eligible Veterans referred to a Public Housing Authority by the HUD-VASH program will need to meet additional guidelines for obtaining a voucher. They include:
  • Meeting income restrictions for their local Public Housing Authority
  • Neither the Veteran or his family members may be registered sexual offenders or individuals required to register as sexual offenders
  • Other local Public Housing Authority criteria
Veterans meeting these guidelines will be issued a housing voucher and will receive additional assistance from the HUD-VASH case manager in finding housing within a reasonable distance of a Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). A “reasonable distance” usually means one-hour travel time from the VAMC, but this may vary from state to state.
Once housing is found, the HUD-VASH case manager will inspect the unit to make sure it is in good condition. If the landlord is willing to enter into a lease, then the Veteran will sign on his own behalf and the Veteran will move in to the apartment. The Veteran is responsible for paying their portion of the rent and the remainder will be paid by their HUD-VASH housing voucher.

Other conditions

The Veteran must continue HUD-VASH case management at the VAMC to remain eligible for housing vouchers under HUD-VASH. The Veteran must also continue to meet the VASH eligibility requirements and continue to meet the Public Housing Authority guidelines listed above.

Resource date: July 2018