VA would not treat husband for blood clot


I am not sure I can summarize my question but will try. Husband is Vietnam Vet 66-67 Corp III. His first claim in presently in hands of BVA awaiting court date. My question in about a new 1151 claim filed  3/28/2019 for a hernia claim. Choice doctor would not treat husband after surgery for blood clot. Diagnosed about 8 weeks later by his Oncologist! Surgery occurred 6/1/2017, still experiencing medical issues & decline of health since. We just want for neglect to be recognized. Thankful he didn't die because of doctor not handling a simple issue at the time or should have been! Any advice on how to proceed? Thank you for your time & consideration.

Jim's Reply:

You seem to be claiming medical malpractice. Any time we think that we've been the victim of medical malpractice we need attorney representation. My best advice to you is to find a lawyer who is experienced with tort cases.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use the Find Legal Help directory to look for a LRS provider in your community and ask for a low-cost consultation with an attorney who handles VA medical malpractice claims.