VA disability rating and ability to work


I am rated 100% scheduler P & T for PTSD and 30% for migraines. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to work (due to wording in award letter, that I “can’t maintain employment & can't get along with other employees” etc (or I lose benefits). I can’t get a straight answer. Websites say I can.  My VSO says no I can’t work.

Jim's Reply:

Veterans who are rated as 100% disabled by The Schedule For Rating Disabilities (a 100% schedular rating) are allowed to work at any employment they're capable of. The veteran who is rated as 100% disabled by the TDIU (unemployability) benefit is only allowed to work at marginal employment...usually defined as a job earning less than the federal poverty level in that region. I can't explain why someone would tell you'll have to ask them again.