TDIU, Schedular & P/T


Hey there: I have a 90% scheduler rating and the VA awarded me TDIU. I'm blessed and very appreciative. I still having several claims pending that "if" granted, will increase my rating to 100%. Moreover, I've read that if a veteran is granted 100% scheduler rating while on TDIU; the VA will "automatically converted" TDIU into P/T awarding the veteran 100% P/T dropping the TDIU. Nevertheless, I've also read that this information is incorrect because nothing is automatic when dealing with the VA. Can you please give your insight on the matter.... Thank you!


Jim's Reply:

You are already at 100%. TDIU is a 100% rating. The TDIU rating is exactly the same as any 100% schedular rating except that you aren't allowed to work a full time job.

That's it, no other difference.

P & T is Permanent and Total, an entirely different topic. Your TDIU rating may be temporary or it may be permanent and a 100% schedular rating may be temporary or it may be permanent.

If you are rated as 100% TDIU today and you file claims that take you to 100% schedular, it does change with no notice other than a letter in the mail. That's because if it changes it's pretty meaningless. The pay is the same, benefits are the same, it may be permanent, it may be temporary.

Don't try too hard to convert TDIU to schedular. You could be denied the schedular, lose the TDIU and be reduced to that 90% you had earlier. Sometimes you have to be carful what you ask for.