TDIU Income Restrictions


I have been rated 100% for 5 years and started my first job working a few hours a day with deaf children for a school district. My first language was ASL due my parents being totally deaf. I’m told I can only earn up to the national poverty level income. I have church contributions that can bring my income down below the poverty level. I’m 77 years old in October.

Is TDIU based on my gross income or my adjusted gross income being below the national poverty level? I live in the San Francisco area and I need more income to survive with disabled family members.


Jim's Reply:

Your adjusted gross income doesn't count. VA will look at the amount of money you were paid for your labors and if that amount exceeds the poverty level you'll get a message that VA wants to talk with you regarding the reduction of your TDIU benefit.

This really isn't so hard to understand. You have an unemployability benefit. If you are employable, you are not eligible for this benefit. You can't have both. Good luck.