TDIU Going Away?


If one is rated 70% with IU putting them at 100%, does the rating become protected after 20 years? I’m worried IU will be taken away one day via Congress once I’m over the age of 67. What are your thoughts? I’m 55 now. I worry about this happening. I also receive SSD so this would be a big loss, as would losing the property tax credit and everything else regarding benefits at 100%.

Jim's Reply:

You have no worries. There is a rumor that goes around all the time that the feds are planning to take away TDIU when you are able to collect Social Security retirement. That is only a rumor and will not happen.

The fact is that benefits are always changing to keep up with the times. Everything changes...look at Tricare and similar benefits like the GI Bill.

But in your case, if changes occur in the future the changes will apply to future generations, not you. This happens often with our VA benefits and with guys like you, you're 'grandfathered' in and your benefits are protected.

You're losing sleep over a rumor. I hope this helps dispell that. Good luck sir.