Jim, I receive TDIU from the VA. Would there be any advantage to me to file a claim for Hypertension based on the new PACT Act? I am a Vietnam veteran, 1967-1967.


Jim's Reply:

Yes, in my mind there may be a future advantage to getting your high blood pressure rated as service connected.

Hypertension is a root cause for all kinds of vascular problems. If your hypertension is rated as service connected, even with a 0% rating, and you have issues with heart disease, renal artery disease, peripheral vascular disease or carotid artery disease, you'll be able to claim all those as secondary to the rated hypertension.

We'll hope that you don't run into those vascular problems but if you do, it won't hurt to have the paperwork for the hypertension rating done and out of the way. The other advantage is that should you die of complications of any of those vascular diseases, your eligible survivors will likely have an easier path to their benefits.

Good luck sir.