I was given 100% schedular P & T and at the same time, TDIU. It's really odd as it shows up on my eBenefits as 100% schedular as well as TDIU. Do I have to claim an increase so that the TDIU shows up as moot? It's very weird that nobody seems to know.


Jim's Reply:

No, you don't need to do anything. It's just a typo in eBenefits, the place where your VA likes to post misinformation. Our eBenefits accounts are often chock-full of errors and those errors have no practical effect on our benefits. 

If you are being paid and have the benefits of a veteran with a 100% rating, you're done.

There is no reason to try and correct what you see since it won't have any effect on you or your benefits. In fact, if you wait long enough and one day return and look, that error will likely have been replaced by another.

Good luck sir.