I am currently 100% TDUI and currently working as I have completed my Voc Rehab from the VA. My question is what is going to happen when the VA finds out that I am working full time and making over the poverty limits? I have not worked for more than a year, but I have made more than the poverty limits. Will I have to pay back a difference from my previous disability rating, and when does that have to be paid? And what would I need from my employer to show sheltered employment?


Jim's Reply:

VA tracks our income via the SSA and IRS. When it's apparent that you are making too much money you'll receive a VA form 21-4140 and that will give you the chance to explain the circumstances that led you to gainful employment. If it appears that you no longer need the TDIU benefit your rating will fall to the underlying rating you had before.

No, there isn't any payback required.

For the purpose of VA disability applications, sheltered employment means that your employer knows about your service-connected disability and makes accommodations that allow you to continue working. 

Good luck sir.