I was just reading "Difference in Benefits - 100% schedular disabled veteran vs. 100% TDIU disabled" written on May 12, 2013 on your blog. I am wondering if this is still correct information? I am 100%TDIU P & T.  Will my wife be able to collect benefits in my passing? We have been told I have to have 100% schedular for this benefit?


Jim's Reply:

The TDIU rated veteran (I'm one so I pay close attention) receives exactly the same array of benefits as the schedular rated veteran. For an eligible dependent to receive DIC benefits the veteran must pass from a service connected and rated condition or the veteran must have held the 100% permanent (TDIU or Schedular) status for 10 or more uninterrupted years.

The only difference between the benefits of a 100% TDIU vet and a 100% schedular rated vet is that the TDIU vet can't hold gainful employment without risk of losing the TDIU status.

There are no other differences.

Your dependent is eligible for the full array of eligible benefits when you're gone. Good luck sir.