Hi Jim, I am a veteran on TDIU: 70% PTSD rating with 0% rating for headaches. I want to go back for a  C & P exam to raise my rating to 90% scheduler. What are the chances of losing TDIU and being stuck with 90% instead of the 100% TDIU? Should I try for an increase in my PTSD rating to avoid losing TDIU?


Jim's Reply:

OK...why would you do that? What could the goal of such a strategy be? What you're proposing is to poke the sleeping dog and hope he doesn't bite you with an end result of...nothing. Even if you raised your base rating to 90% your 100% TDIU rating wouldn't change...nothing at all would change.

Well, the TDIU rating would probably change...I'd predict you'd lose that and return to the 70% base you have now.

You have a 100% rating today whether it is temporary or permanent. I'd advise you hang on to that and not bother VA about any rating changes. Good luck.