Step Two: Fill Out The Forms

Next, you will need to fill out the forms you got online or from the Court. The forms on the Court’s website are fillable PDF forms. This means that you can type your information directly into the form before printing it. Or you can print the form(s) and write in your information.


Notice of Appeal

The Notice of Appeal is only one page long but it has several blank spaces you must complete.

First, you should write the date of the BVA’s decision denying your claim for VA benefits in the space provided here: “The Board’s decision was dated ______________.” This is found at the top of the Notice of Appeal.

Below this, you must fill in the following information:

  • Your name, address and phone number where it asks for appellant’s printed name, appellant’s address and appellant’s phone number.  As the person filing the appeal, you are the appellant. 
  • Your email (optional) if you’d like the Court to email you copies of things filed
  • Your VA claims file number
  • Your signature

Unless you are represented by an attorney, you do not need to complete anything else.


Declaration of Financial Hardship

The Declaration of Financial Hardship is also one page long. You should write your name in the blank space where it says “Appellant/Petitioner.” Do not worry about the docket number. You won’t have this information until your case is filed and you are assigned a docket number from the Court. Remember, as the person filing the appeal, you are the “appellant.” Even if you have a lawyer, you are still the appellant.

After you fill in your name, you must sign and date the Declaration of Financial Hardship. 



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