Secondary Conditions


I've contacted you before and you are really helpful. My question is how to proceed with a claim for depression as secondary to prostate cancer. My local VSO is not much help and I don't know where to turn next. My doctor is not much help either. What would be the steps to be taken? Should I contact an attorney, get an IMO, or what? I developed my cancer claim myself but this is going to be beyond me.


Jim's Reply:

Thanks for your kind words.

Your VA makes no case for the disabling mental health effects of treatments that can be devastating. Depression, sleeplessness, erectile dysfunction, suicidal ideation and more are all part of cancer treatment. A fast growing prostate cancer and the surgery, radiation and other treatments leave lasting impressions in so many ways. All VA recognizes is that you may pee a lot but there are no ratings for the psychological effects.

You'll need an Independent Medical Opinion or IMO. An IMO is a professional review of your records and an opinion about whether or not and why your depression is secondary to your cancer. Good luck sir.