The Schedule


Jim - do you know if there is an archive of VASRDs? In other words, if I wanted to see the VASRD used in 1999 when I retired from the Army is there an online source for that document? Appreciate the help.


Jim's Reply:

Hmmm. A lot of changes are made and they occur often. Most changes are simple enough and don't impact the intent of the rule. Substantive changes to the rules don't happen all that often, most FR publications are about housekeeping details rather than any sweeping reforms.

But the government does keep track of even the most minor change in rules and regs in the greatest detail. I'm not sure this will be in an easy to find format but your answer is in here somewhere.

Changes to The Schedule are posted daily in The Federal Register. You can search changes back to 1994 so that helps. This will probably be a cumbersome search but if whatever you're looking for has changed since 1994, the change will be published in The Federal Register.

If there hasn't been any change to the particular rule you're looking at, you won't find anything in The Register.

You may also find some help here   You'll see citations that link to the Federal Register...any before 1994 aren't available.

A search function I use often is the BVA Decision Search Engine here. By using the appropriate key words for your search and choosing the years you're interested in, you may find a decision or comments of value.

Good luck sir.