Schedular rating?


I'm currently 100% TDIU/P&T and 90% schedular. If I request to go 100% schedular, would I be able to go back to work full time?


Jim's Reply:

Yes. However I've always urged veterans to avoid trying such a move. When you tell VA that you want a 100% schedular rating so you can work full time (gainful employment) you are sending the message that you aren't as disabled today as you once were. 

If you apply for additional benefits trying to reach 100% schedular, you'll get a C & P and then you may be surprised to learn that your rating of 90% is what you end up with. Hey, you're telling them you're not unemployable.

A better plan for anyone who wants to return to work is to just go for it and get to work. You don't need VA permission to do that, you just get a job and start work. VA is racking your SSA and IRS accounts and if you begin to earn more money than you should for TDIU eligibility, VA will be in touch. You don't have to pay back any money although you may lose the TDIU...but that's OK since you're making a lot of money.

If the work thing isn't as good as you thought, you're protected because you didn't lose your TDIU benefit. 

Working to earn up to the poverty level and no more can enhance your total income without any chance of losing benefits. You can make a lot of extra money before VA has any problem with that. Good luck!