Hi Jim, I came across this website and had a question for you. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2019. I got rated 100% P&T from the VA. I have had a hard time since being out. Multiple family members passed away and people I was in with have committed suicide. A couple of years ago, I ended up getting a DUI and that has made my life a lot harder. It's hard to find a decent job or find anything to do. I have been thinking about going back into the military because I think I'll be a lot happier there. I really had no reason for getting out to begin with other than ortho problems with my knees and back, but I could still deal with it I think. I'm having my knee redone again this year. After that surgery, I think I will be good to go. My question is, with the 100% rating and a DUI a couple years ago, could I get back into the military? Thank you in advance for the info. I hope to hear back soon.


Jim's Reply:

While I understand your reasoning to want to return to a more stable environment, you have to know that your physical challenges are going to be the biggest barrier to you returning to military life.

There are plenty of circumstances that allow us to reenter the military even when we have VA disability ratings. However, when we do that the disability rating disappear and we're expected to be ready and able to meet the demands of our MOS.

In other words, I'm not as concerned about the DUI as I am whether or not you'll be able to be physically able to serve as active duty again.

If you're convinced that this is the path you want to follow, go talk with a recruiter. Don't limit yourself to just the USMC either...a lot of us make a switch from one branch to the next and it all counts towards your retirement. The USMC is going to be a more physically demanding career than the Air Force would be and your skills may be just what they need.

While I'm concerned that you may not meet the requirements to reup, the fact is that our military is very short of meeting recruitment goals and they're offering all kinds of bonuses so you may be welcomed back with a parade...and a huge monetary bonus!

Go for to some recruiters and see what happens. Good luck sir.