Records Management


Did the JSRRC or (Records Management Center as I believe it is called now) hire more staff or allow more staff to go back to work in order to catch up with the massive backlog of records request?


Jim's Reply:

If you're referring to the NPRC, yes...they are doing what they can to return to work. I know people there and they face the huge challenge of COVID just as any business does today plus they are always dealing with the less than ideal conditions of exposure to HAZMAT left from the decades of dust and debris of storage of paper files...some even known to contain asbestos.

I can't speak to just how many people have returned to labor on site, may are still working remotely in support of those on site. They're trying to prioritize recovering files for veterans who may be in hospice care and so on.

The mission there has been a mess since the fire and the pandemic made it that much worse. If you're waiting on files for your case, it may be a while. Good luck.