Ratings Increase?


Hi. My 71 yr old grandfather got out of the service after Vietnam and has a 50% rating for memory loss. He’s recently gotten a lot worse to where he now does not remember anyone and needs constant in-home care and neurology treatment. His memory loss was mild after he left service and was service related. Is there anything I can do to help him and my mom raise his VA rating so that he can afford the care he needs?


Jim's Reply:

Yes, there is a lot to be done. If he has a current 50% disability rating for memory loss you can help him to build on that. He will have to file a new disability claim and go through the process again so you may want to seek some help from either a social worker or a state benefits representative at his VA medical center.

It may be simplest for you to visit the VA medical center closest to you and simply ask for help. Calling is also an option but the VA phone system is often a challenge to use so if possible, just go in and seek assistance.

If his service connected disability is causing or contributing to his need for care, he may be eligible for many programs to help. Good luck! And thank you for taking care of your veteran grandfather!