Denial for migraines connected to tinnitus

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Denial for migraines connected to tinnitus

April 10, 2024

I keep getting denied for my migraines even though I have them diagnosed by my Dr. I am also diagnosed with tinnitus. I document every time I get a migraine and note that it is always due to the constant ringing in my ears, yet I am still denied. Do I need to provide a a nexus letter? The decision letter I got said there is no connection between migraines and tinnitus, yet I've found studies and other veterans that have them connected. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated! thank you for your time.


Your question suggests that you are already service connected for tinnitus. Assuming your tinnitus is already service connected, then yes, a medical opinion connecting your migraines (the nexus letter you asked about) to your tinnitus would be helpful.

Alternatively, you could try and get a medical opinion that directly connects your migraines to your service instead of linking it to your tinnitus. Please know that the VA must provide you with a VA medical examination when, among other things, there is an indication that your disability or persistent or recurrent symptoms of a disability could be associated with the veteran’s service or with another service-connected disability.

For assistance with your claims, you should contact a state or county veterans’ service organization (VSO) for assistance.  Our website provides links to many of the state and county veterans service organizations out there. Just scroll to the resources under “State and County Veterans Affairs Offices” for some helpful links.  You can also search the VA's directory of accredited agents and VSO's at

I hope you find this information helpful.  

Thank you so much for contacting us.  We wish you the best!