Upgrading from an Uncharacterized Discharge to Honorable

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Upgrading from an Uncharacterized Discharge to Honorable

March 18, 2024

Paperwork was lost when trying to report to the reservist station back in 1989. I just received a copy of my DD214 and it needs to be upgraded from an uncharacterized discharge to an honorable. What do I need to do to get this corrected?


You should file a DD 149 with the Board for Correction of Military Records for your branch of service. An uncharacterized is not a negative discharge, so it's often hard to get it upgraded. If you served for less than 180 days and didn't have misconduct, the correct procedure would be to receive an uncharacterized discharge. However, you may not be eligible for certain veterans benefits due either to misunderstandings about what uncharacterized means and/or your short time in service. You will need to submit evidence with your DD 149 explaining why you should have received an honorable discharge from your Reserve service rather than an uncharacterized. Good luck!