Prostate Cancer and VA Helathcare


I am a Vietnam Vet '69 & '70 and recently developed aggressive prostrate cancer. My Gleason score was 27 and will be undergoing 9 weeks of radiation and then surgery. I have a high deductible medical plan with a $10,000 deductible, and am wondering if I'm eligible for VA health care and when would I be eligible for disability compensation.


Jim's Reply:

Your disability compensation benefits will begin the moment that your claim lands at the claims intake center, assuming your claim is awarded. That moment is called the 'effective date' and as your claim goes through the adjudication process all benefits will date back to that date.

You are likely eligible for VA health care right now. Unfortunately the pandemic has every health care (and other) facility in the country running around like their hair was on fire so getting into VA health care could be a challenge. Were I you I'd start right now to open the doors

As a service connected disabled veteran all your prostate cancer care at the VA will be at no cost out of your pocket. It won't matter what sort of civilian insurance you have as the cancer will be presumptive to agent orange.

You can easily file this claim yourself from your home. Click  Remember, the sooner your claim is officially received, the better for the effective date.

Prostate cancer is a common claim at VA and there are some things you may want to know. Click

The date you'll begin to receive a 100% temporary disability rating will depend on how soon you get in the very long line of claims being processed and how backed up VA is today. Unfortunately it's taking much longer than usual to process benefits claims as VA has some 10,000 employees out because of the pandemic as I write this. Many claims are being managed across the country by raters working from home so the process is slow but it's getting done.

Be patient, be sure your claim is filed accurately and as soon as you can get it done and VA will do the rest. Good luck sir.