Prostate Cancer


I am currently received V.A. disability for prostate cancer from agent orange. I have completed my radiation treatments and will see my Oncologist again in 6 months. How does the V.A. monitor the status of my cancer? Am I to report changes to them or will they contact me for updates. Thanks, Tim


Jim's Reply:

You will be scheduled for a "future exam" by VA about 6 months or so after your treatment has ended. VA has your folder on an estimated future schedule so you do not need to notify them of anything. If they have any questions, they'll ask you.

Once your treatments have ended and an appropriate time passes, the VA will want to look at your PSA and maybe a bit of other info. If the PSA has become normal, your 100% rating will convert to something less since you no longer have a cancer. 

You'll be rated on the residual effects of having the disease treated. Those are usually incontinence and ED. The ratings are usually 20%, 40% or 60% and directly correspond to how many absorbent pads you use each day for the leakage. Don't forget to file for erectile dysfunction as that will be rated separately.

Don't miss the exam. It may just be a phone call to confirm medical record findings so not an inconvenience at all. Good luck!