Presumptive Hypothyroidism


I have been 70% PTSD for 7 years, Tinnitus 10%, left ear loss of hearing 10% - all service-connected. I am 69 and was in Vietnam in 1972. My question is, I just applied for a new claim, presumptive Hypothyroidism, AO. Will that open up a can of worms for my PTSD or are they just focused on a new claim, which says Hypo only? I have C&P soon. Thank you so much.


Jim's Reply:

No, you won't cause any problems with your current benefits. It's my experience that often enough the Vietnam veteran will suffer from hypothyroidism and diabetes concurrently. While you didn't mention diabetes I want to alert you that the combo of DMII and hypothyroidism can be a deadly combination. Keep an eye on your blood sugar particularly if you are diagnosed with thyroid disease. Good luck.