Is there a resources that will draft a Power of Attorney for a Soldier getting ready to leave the states for overseas deployment?


Jim's Reply:

Assigning a POA to anyone is serious business. The Power of Attorney can be a lifesaver or it can cause you a lot of grief years from now. If you're deploying and thinking about a POA you should also have a current will that goes along with that.

You should be able to access JAG services through your command to get all that done. Ask your organization if that's available to you before you deploy.

If JAG isn't available or if you'd rather go the civilian route, your best bet is to seek a lawyer who is local to you to help you. You can call around and ask if they will offer you a discount because of your military status.

You can find a VA accredited lawyer who will help you here. These lawyers understand our military processes and they may be able to help even if they aren't local to you. 

This is too important for you to use one of the on-line or other services that promise a free ride...you need a professional to advise you. I've been in your situation and a sudden deployment overseas is quite the experience to prepare for. Get the POA done right even if it costs you a few bucks because getting it wrong can be a nightmare.

Good luck sir.