I'm a Vietnam vet. I have been service-connected for IHD since 2010 (8 stents) and have been taking Blood pressure meds since late 1997 for high blood pressure (HBP). I put in a PACT ACT claim for the high blood pressure. How do you think the VA will handle this? Will IHD be “secondary” to HBP? My claim status says VA does NOT need anymore info from me. 


Jim's Reply:

"How do you think the VA will handle this?"

The PACT Act is so new that I'm not allowing myself to make any guesses as to how VA will manage the finer points of the new Act. Like any new legislation it takes some time for the dust to settle and we've hardly gotten started with this one. VA has a spotty track record of managing new concepts and claims so we'll just have to wait and see.

I hope that once you've completed the process that you'll let us know how it went for you. Good luck sir.