P & T?


Can a veteran be 100% T&P and also receive individual unemployment?  I was just rated at 100% T&P and live in Southern California. $3100 ish per month is not enough for me to live on.


Jim's Reply:

Yes. The Permanent and Total (P & T) tag only means that the rating is total (T=100%) and that no future exams are scheduled (Permanent). The individual unemployability (TDIU) benefit is total (100%) and it may or may not be permanent (The P part of the equation.)

If you are rated as TDIU and it is permanent, (P & T) you are allowed to earn income up to your regions federal poverty wage. Often enough that's enough to live reasonably well although I understand your SoCal life is a bit pricier than most.

If you are capable of returning to work and you can earn an income that would make you much more comfortable, you can give up the TDIU, keep your base rating and do well for yourself. All you have to do is to do it...VA will figure it out eventually and you can go from there. Good luck.