P & T?


Thank you in advance for any help you may offer. I had a total proctectomy 10/15/2019 at that time I was granted a temporary 100% rating. Since the operation my PSA has increased a small percent every 3 months. My rating has remained throughout this time frame. It appears with the consistent increase in the PSA score that within the next year I will be referred for what is called Salvage Radiation. The side effects from this procedure are at times long lasting. So it now looks like this temporary rating, may stretch to more then 3 years. Is there a point in time where my temporary rating could/should be changed to a permanent rating?  Thank you for what you do.


Jim's Reply:

VA has a unique way of rating service connected cancer. VA believes every cancer will be treated with success and that residual effects are always minimal. Thus every cancer is rated as a temporary condition and even the most severe residual effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy will earn low ratings. Veterans may go through cycles of recurrences and C & P exams and then more recurrences without ever getting a permanent rating.

The only way to achieve that permanent rating is by asking the C & P examiner to make the statement that your condition is not likely to improve and that it is permanent in nature. The rater will lend that weight and may assign a permanent rating to the condition. Good luck.