P & T?


I have been receiving 100% for residuals for lung cancer for 6 years. I was recently called in for re-exam. I was left at 100%. This all due to agent orange. I still am not P&T. Should I try for P&T or just wait? Also, will it take another 6 years before another re-exam? I am 79. 


Jim's Reply:

You're already Totally disabled...the T of P & T. What you lack is the permanent or the P part of that abbreviation. You likely won't ever achieve a permanent rating...there is no way to try, no forms to complete for that part of the rating.

At this point if you're collecting the 100% benefit, were I you, I wouldn't worry about whether it's rated as permanent or not. I can't predict if or when you may get another exam but again, there is no additional benefit for you so I wouldn't give it any thought. Good luck sir.