P & T?


Hi Jim, I recently received my 100% P&T. Given that, should I attend my previously scheduled VA yearly exam? Can the doctor reduce my rating or should I use my own doctors from here on out? Thanks for your advice.


Jim's Reply:

Your VA primary care provider isn't at all interested in your rating. They really don't get involved in any of that, they're there to provide health care.

If you don't attend at least a yearly exam with your primary care provider, you lose those health benefits unless and until you apply again. I use my Medicare for most of my care because my VA doc is over an hour away. But I make a point to see him 2 or 3 times a year to stay current. I also get all my meds, my CPAP and supplies and more through the VHA.

If you're 100% and it's permanent, you're done with all that. Only under some extreme circumstance could you lose the benefit so you can put it all way in the back of your mind. My vote is to keep the VA health care and get the max you can out of it. That's what i do and I think with the way I've blended my VA care with my civilian care, I get better health care than most at a great price.

Good luck!