My physician diagnosed me with smoldering myeloma. Can I file for disability for smoldering myeloma (a form of bone cancer)? I was in the military from 1972 - 1975. I was a tank commander and was around the diesel fumes for at least 30 months. When we were out in the fields we slept in tents with diesel fueled heaters.


Jim's Reply:

Yes, you may file any disability claim at any time. However, winning that claim is a different story. In your case you want to service connect your smoldering myeloma (a pre-cancerous condition) to your military service where you were exposed to diesel fumes.

That isn't at all unreasonable but you'll need expert testimony in the form of an Independent Medical Opinion or IMO to make your case. Once you have that, your claim should proceed with no problems. Good luck sir.



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