I am 100% P&T TDIU… I am 9 months from 20 years, not that any of that matters to the VA. I debating if I should open a claim to connect my diabetes to my sleep apnea/hypertension. Should I let sleeping dog lie? I understand I don’t gain money but if I pass on, I am concerned that my wife won’t get DIC if I don’t pass from my service connections. Thank you for your service and time.


Jim's Reply:

The 100% TDIU benefit is exactly the same benefit as the 100% schedular benefit and brings with it all the same privileges...including DIC for your spouse. In order for your spouse to be eligible for DIC, you must be rated as permanently 100% disabled for at least 10 uninterrupted years OR die from a rated condition.

So if you're going on 20 years, you can be run over by a truck and she'll be eligible for her DIC benefit. 

Be careful who you share this with and watch for speeding trucks. Good luck sir.


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