I was rated 100% for hearing loss in one ear. Does this qualify as service connection disability that waives VA home loan origination fee for refinancing of my current VA loan?


Jim's Reply:

I can't be sure as a 100% permanent rating for one ear is a bit unusual. If I had to guess I'd say yes, a 100% rating should make you eligible. You'll have paperwork and VA contact points for questions regarding your VA COE as your loan progresses and then is a good time to ask that and other questions.

During my last (and final!) home purchase I used a broker to find my financing and that was a real plus as they took care of a lot of details I'd have missed. The broker was methodical, crossed t's and dotted i's and put it all together in a way I couldn't have when presented to banks for a bid. That made the difference of almost 1/2 point in the rate and that seems even more important today.

Don't forget that in many states a vet with a 100% rating is exempt from state property taxes and sometimes the path to that benefit via the state can be convoluted...but worth the bother.

All the usual rules for taking out a loan in the first place are there when we refi the original note. If you've been rated at 100% since you originated the loan in the first place you'll probably have more hoops to jump through to maximize the benefit. Do shop around though...rates are through the roof today!

Good luck!


Source URL: https://www.statesidelegal.org/100-1