Reading the information on Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer. I am rated 100% temporarily. I did 20 rounds of radiation. I'm looking for a start and end date on when the VA will pull back on the 100% disability so that I can figure out when and where to re-file for the other problems associated with radiation therapy. The second problem is being on an Essex Class Aircraft Carrier in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. It was full of asbestoses but I was denied for that, so where do I turn for help on that?


Jim's Reply:

Your 100% temporary benefit will end 6 to 12 months after you complete treatment. VA is having trouble getting us in for post-treatment exams so it can take longer than that. No worries, you won't have to pay back any payments they may make while you wait.

You need a veterans law attorney to help you with the asbestos appeal. This won't cost you any money out of your pocket so feel free to call a couple of lawyers and sign up. It'll take a while but the attorney will manage it all for you.

You shouldn't wait to begin filing the appeal and any other claims you may have...the sooner you get started, the better. 

Good luck sir.


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