C & P Exams


I filled a claim and unfortunately did not think of all the things I should have mentioned. Also during my C & P exam I should have added some clarification on my neuropathy. It was not good and I was asked misleading questions. Thoughts?


Jim's Reply:

You're going through a phase that many vets do...post exam anxiety. I think every one of us comes away from the C & P exam and later in the day we wish we had said something different.

When we start thinking about all that happened during the exam a lot of it seems misguided or just plain wrong. We usually wish we could go back and do it all over again.

Unfortunately, you aren't allowed to go back and try and add to what took place during the exam. Once the exam is completed that info goes to a rater and the process of adjudicating your claim moves ahead. If you tried to update or change anything about the exam now, your claim would return to start and you'd have a lot of time and confusion added on.

Once the C & P exam is complete, you wait until you get a decision. If the decision is favorable, you're done and you'll never have to think of that exam again. If your claim is denied because of the exam report, you can now appeal for a better opportunity to explain your case. Good luck sir!


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