Tinnitus and Mental Health


VA gave me tinnitus rating, no rating for hearing loss and no rating for depression/anxiety. Can I make my depression/anxiety secondary to tinnitus?


Jim's Reply:

It sounds as if you've been rated for tinnitus (10% is max) and hearing loss. I'm not sure the % of your hearing loss rating but it's usually wrong or 'lowballed'. I'm also unsure whether you asked for depression as secondary to your hearing loss and you were denied or if you thought they should infer the mental health rating?

In any case, if you're not happy with the results of your hearing loss and mental health claims status, you should go ahead and speak with a veterans law attorney. Talking with an accredited lawyer about your options won't cost you anything and you won't pay anything out of pocket for the required appeals. Outcomes in cases like yours are always better with an accredited veterans law attorney in charge.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are the leading disability claims submitted by veterans...we're exposed to a lot of acoustic trauma. The connection between profound hearing loss and tinnitus to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are well established.

You'll want to speak with a clinical psychologist to better establish the link or nexus between your hearing loss and tinnitus and any mental health condition you may have as VA won't accept your word for it. In other words, you'll likely need an IMO. I refer to only one clinical psychologist and he is experienced with the often devastating effects of profound hearing loss. Talk with Brett and see what he can do to help you. Good luck.


Source URL: https://www.statesidelegal.org/tinnitus-and-mental-health