On-Line Chat?


Hi Jim. I’m 100 P&T. I suffer immense depression. Do you know of an online chat or something like that to meet fellow disabled brothers to chit chat and talk with? Thank you.


Jim's Reply:

I know that the Reddit.com community hosts a number of 'sub-reddits' that are veteran-centric. If you'll search for Reddit, register and then use their search engine to find 'subs' unique to veterans, it's likely you'll find what you're looking for there.

A word of caution first. Not only at Reddit but in all on-line communities you're going to run into trolls. The classic troll is only there to make your life miserable with insults and innuendo. No matter what you do the troll will be waiting for you. If you're already dealing with mental health and depression issues, the troll can make it that much worse if you allow it.

I offer that warning to alert you to the reality that you'll face soon enough. So, what to do? There is only a single tactic to defeat trolls and that is to never, ever respond to them. If you post a comment or question and some random dummy comes at you with an insult, ignore it. It's hard to do because our soldier instincts take over and we want to fight but...it's a losing battle. You can't win an on-line argument with someone who doesn't care.

Avoid the on-line confrontations and I imagine you'll find some new friends there. Good luck.


Source URL: https://www.statesidelegal.org/line-chat