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I applied back in 1975 for hypertension and I was denied for it. Later in 1977, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and was given 30%. I have diabetes, which is covered under agent orange. But they will not cover me for hypertension secondary to diabetes. because I applied for hypertension first. I also applied for a increase for diabetes for 40% because I take insulin, also denied. What should I do?


Jim's Reply:

Any time we are denied a benefit that we've applied for we have one year to appeal the denial. If we don't formally appeal within that first year we more or less have to start over with a new claim.

There is no guarantee of any claim being awarded, particularly hypertension as it relates to DMII...denied claims are a routine at VA whether justified or not.

If you want to get these benefits straight your best bet is to retain a veterans law attorney (at no out of pocket expense) to appeal your denials and to seek an IMO from an expert disability doctor.

You can find the attorney you need here and any one of these doctors will be happy to speak with you about reviewing your medical records 

Good luck!


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