I have been paying spousal support from my Air Force retirement pay for 27 1/2 years. My ex wife had her own career and draws her own retirement pay, social security, and part of MY retirement. Is there a way to stop this spousal support?


Jim's Reply:

Yes. You'll need to return to the appropriate court to seek an amendment to the stipulations of the divorce decree that ordered spousal support. Seeking an amendment to an order of a divorce court is pretty common and people will seek either increases or decreases because things change over time.

It's been a long time since you divorced so you'll need to determine which family court will have jurisdiction over your divorce and once you've done that you need to have a look at how the state laws of that court will affect amendments to your obligations.

This is a good time to shop for an experienced lawyer who can represent you in the court. I'd urge you to invest the money in the fee you'll encounter, there will be a fair amount of math and some obscure law involved and your investment will be well spent.

To be clear...nothing can happen without the approval of the family court that has jurisdiction. Divorce decrees are court orders and to modify a court order, you need another court order or you could be in contempt. Good luck!


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