P & T?


I am currently at 90%, but I have about 6 different claims I have in that I am fighting. My question is, if I go up to 100%, and at least one of my disabilities are permanent, will that qualify me as P&T?


Jim's Reply:

No, not necessarily. A 100% rating can be comprised of numerous individual ratings, any one or more of which may have a future exam scheduled. Even though other individual ratings may be permanent in nature, if a rating that carries a lot of weight is scheduled for a future exam, the 100% rating would be temporary.

For the veteran who is at 90% and "fighting" with 6 different claims in a struggle to get to 100%, I'd advise that the path you've taken is the most difficult way ever to reach a 100% rating. In most instances it can't be done because of VA Math.

Many 90% rated veterans are unable to work and hold onto gainful employment because of their service connected disabling conditions. The TDIU (unemployability) rating was made just for circumstances like yours and the TDIU rating is exactly the same benefit as the one you're struggling to reach.

Were I you, I'd have a long look at TDIU. Good luck.




Source URL: https://www.statesidelegal.org/p-t-4