Agent Orange


I have been at 100% P & T for 10 years now due to an Agent Orange presumption CLL diagnosis. A few months back I had a cancerous bladder removed along with my prostate. After biopsies, they found that my prostate was also cancerous. Curious if I should bother with filing this with the VA, or should I leave well enough alone? Thank You.


Jim's Reply:

Yes, you should file a claim for all of that...first the prostate and then as a secondary condition to prostate cancer, file for bladder cancer. Your rating should increase into the Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) range although I won't try to predict how much. 

In the end you'll have what amounts to two 100% ratings and that will increase your monthly payment by about 1/4 to 1/2 over what you're netting today. Good luck sir.


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