Blue Water Navy


Please direct me to a link for Blue Water Navy. I was on two Westpac tour in the Gulf of Tonkin '70 - '74. I never stepped foot on Vietnam Shores. I remained just off the coast for two 6-month tours. I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was told that I may qualify for Agent Orange. If this is true how do I find out?  Thank you.


Jim's Reply:

It's likely that you are eligible for a VA disability benefit...probably 100%, Start here:

Now...don't ask more questions, don't talk with others, file the claim. 

The longer you delay, the more you lose. Too many vets try to go into way too much detail when their claim is most likely to be won on the face of it. You really don't need help or representation, follow the instructions and file the claim. Good luck.


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