Promoting Legal Services within VA Facilities

Since 2011, legal clinics and ongoing legal service offices have been co-located within VA medical facilities in order to provide increased access to veterans needing legal assistance, primarily with non-criminal legal problems. These clinics and services are provided at no charge to the veteran. 

Delivering services at VA facilities helps remedy such mobility issues because it removes the need for added travel outside of routine medical visits. Increasing access and awareness of legal services in this way can also decrease cultural barriers to justice, as it’s been found that veterans are unlikely to seek legal help on their own.

To learn more about sharing space with the VA to serve the legal needs of veterans, or to volunteer, contact an organization from this list of legal services operations which are housed in VA facilities. 

In addition to existing within VA buildings, a handful of programs incorporate legal services into veteran patient healthcare from start to finish in medical-legal partnerships, such as the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center's highlighted medical-legal partnership.

Additional information is available from the National Center for Medical/Legal Partnerships , which also offers specialized resources for collaborations focused on veterans here.

July 2018

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