No news about VA appeal in a year


Jim, thanks in advance for fielding my question. I have a case with the VA that is in the appeal stage;  it has been over a year since I’ve heard anything. My question is, should I ask my senator to intercede?

Jim's Reply:


Since I don't know what kind of an appeal you're involved in I'm guessing a bit here.

Asking for a Congressional inquiry sometimes helps but most often doesn't. VA will respond that there is a lot of work being done and unfortunately there is a backlog of undetermined length and you'll just have to be patient. The inquiry and VA response are pretty boilerplate and mostly for show. A Congressional Representative has no authority to tell VA to do anything in particular with your claim.

Claims and appeals are adjudicated in the order they're received so you can't jump ahead of others unless you're on your deathbed. Recent news indicates that a backlog of claims is building at VA and that always means more appeals and more delays. If you're sure your appeal was appropriately received and put into the system, I don't know much to be done but to wait.