Nexus Letters


I provided my past and current medial record, along with information regarding what a Nexus letter contains and why it is necessary to support my claim for TDIU to my Pain Management Specialist, but was told he could only provide a treatment history. I was disappointed and obviously frustrated. What is the best/ most successful way to request a Nexus letter? Thank you for your time.


Jim's Reply:

VA providers are reluctant to get involved with helping you to obtain benefits ratings. Their job is to provide care and if they start filling out all the documents you need, they won't have time for anything else. You'll need to turn to a civilian advocate to get what you need.

We don't talk about nexus letters much these days. Rather we have moved to a more formalized Independent Medical Opinion or IMO. The IMO is a file and evidence review by an expert who will provide an opinion about service connection and the degree of any disabling conditions.

You can learn more about how all this works here