Military Advocate Tool Kit

This listing of resources is designed for legal aid and private attorney advocates who are working with military legal families on civil legal questions but may need to access federal law or regulations specific to their military status:

United States Code and CFR

 United States Code ·        Title 10 (Armed Forces) ·        Title 14  (Coast Guard) ·        Title 32  (National Guard) ·        

Code of Federal Regulations: the complete list of CFRs is available online here.

General Resources

Department of Defense web portal for official directives, forms, instructions and other resources.

Department of Defense Servicemember Database (to confirm military status of a particular individual)

The Armed Forces Legal Assistance website: a listing of materials designed for JAG and military legal assistance officers;

Searchable library of military legal resources: This list is maintained by the Library of Congress

Joint Federal Travel Regulations: These regulations can be important in handling claims related to active duty service member and their families;

ROA Law Review Library:  Hundreds of articles provide specific information and citations on SCRA, USERRA, voting rights and other important legal issues.

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces: The Court exercises worldwide appellate jurisdiction over members of the armed forces on active duty and other persons subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Cases on the Court’s docket address a broad range of legal issues, including constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, criminal procedure, ethics, administrative law, and national security law.  Decisions by the Court are subject to direct review by the Supreme Court of the United States. The website includes searchable decisions

The Uniform Code of Military Justice: