long-standing ankle problems


I had ankle surgery in 1994 and the Dr. saw that I had been in the Military. He told me the military should have never allowed me to join, I knew I had something going on with my left ankle and I have trouble with it all my life. I was discharged honorably in 1992. I am still having problems with my ankle, is there a chance I could file a claim?

Jim's Mailbag:

Someone who didn't know you and had no chance to examine you 25 years ago is telling you about your health back then? That's a little sketchy. I've got a good crystal ball and I can't do that. If you were accepted into the military and finished your obligation, you were fit for duty no matter what someone tells you. If you had problems with your ankle in the military and that's documented in your service medical record, you could file a claim for any injury you incurred while active. We can file a claim for anything at all...proving it is another matter. Good luck.