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Domestic Violence: Victims and Survivors

Learn more about what is domestic violence, domestic abuse, and where you can get help.

Domestic Violence: Alleged Abuser

What is domestic violence and domestic abuse?

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone: men, women and children. The military distinguishes between "domestic abuse" and "domestic violence." In both cases, the relationship between you and victim must be one of "intimate partner." This means your spouse or ex-spouse, someone you have a child with, or someone you lived with as if you were married.

Domestic Violence and Alleged Abusers

Despite the need to access weaponry, servicemembers who have engaged in certain acts, such as perpetrating domestic violence against an intimate partner or being convicted of a felony, may be prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition.
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Can I Sue the United States if I am Injured while on Active-Duty?

The law about suing the United States government is complicated. It is even more complicated for people in the United States military. Here is a basic explanation about why active-duty service members CANNOT sue the United States Government if they are injured.
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Federal Jobs for Spouses of Certain Disabled or Deceased Veterans

A new rule that gives veterans and qualifying spouses an edge when it comes to getting a federal job - and keeping that job in the face of job cuts.
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Where do I get legal advice on what disablity program to apply for?

If you think you may be eligible for more than one benefit, we encourage you to begin with a private lawyer who has a military or federal administrative law background and who is familiar with the DoD benefit system.  Unless you qualify for pro bono (free) legal help, you will need to pay for this advice.

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Supplemental Programs

These VA programs are helpful but may not cover all of your school expenses. So you may need to look for other programs that can help you to make up the difference.
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Divorce In Military Families – How It’s Different & What You Need To Know

Read our popular Q & A to get started.

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Interactive Form - Durable Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

This easy to use interactive form will produce a sample Durable Power of Attorney form. 

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Feres Doctrine

The Feres Doctrine (1950) bars service members from collecting damages for personal injuries, whether or not they were suffered in the performance of their duties. It also bars family members from filing "wrongful death" or "loss of consortium" claims when a service member is killed or injured.